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2017-09-23 17:47 GMT+03:00 Good Guy <good1.2guy at gmail.com>:

The media is from a broadcast stream capture.  It is an mpeg2
> transport stream (m2ts).  It is divided into "programs" which
> are independent assets.  Normally, you only want to use just one
> of the program stream sets.  Use Alt-1..Alt-6 after loading the media
> to select just one program subset.

Aha, I have catched that. So, if a user loads a file like hockey.ts (which
contains a few independet assets)
and wants to create proxy, this proxy file will be created only for one
asset (i.e. one layer). The user can choose an asset, using Alt-1 ...
Thanks for your explanation !

>> Press Alt-1 (9.1) you select the hockey boys
> Press Alt-2 (9.2) you select the weather
> Press Alt-3 (9.3) you select the commercial

The screencast shows a strange (?) change of asset size displaying in

+ It is impossible to select an asset randomly (my screencast does not show
Start position = all three assets on timeline
I press Alt-2 and  get asset#2
Now I want to select asset#3   I should return to the start position using
Alt-1 and then to press Alt-3
Does that work properly ?
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