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The media is from a broadcast stream capture.  It is an mpeg2
transport stream (m2ts).  It is divided into "programs" which
are independent assets.  Normally, you only want to use just one
of the program stream sets.  Use Alt-1..Alt-6 after loading the media
to select just one program subset.

If you load the "hockey boys" media using mpeg (not ffmpg) and use
resources->info->detail you will see that it was captured from:

system time: Sun Feb 22 15:23:35 2015
elements 3
   9.1   KUSA HD v0    a0 eng trk 1-6 (eng)    a1 spa trk 7-8 (spa)
   9.2   9News N v1    a2 eng trk 9-10 (eng)
   9.3   Justice v2    a3 eng trk 11-12 (eng)

Press Alt-1 (9.1) you select the hockey boys
Press Alt-2 (9.2) you select the weather
Press Alt-3 (9.3) you select the commercial

Phyllis and I use the "record" gui to capture and replay programs
and you can render dvd/bd media from the capture if you like.


On Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 8:15 AM, igor_ubuntu <sitelve at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2017-09-23 15:17 GMT+03:00 Sam <cinelerra at poste.de>:
>> Hi Igor,
>> take this file and put it in the first track of cinelerra, you will see
>> there are three video files. The first video is the hockey match, the
>> second one is a weather report and the last one is a commercial.
>> I guess so, one track = one layer.
>> Sam
> Hi Sam,
> thanks for the tip. Now I see all three videos (but only if I create a
> separate track for subtitles).
> But the puzzle still exists for me.
>  If I load three separate videos on one track (i.e. one layer), enable
> 'Proxy', Cin creates three separate proxy files.
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