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Sat Sep 23 09:43:27 CEST 2017

> Saturday 23 September 2017 03:09:52 Phyllis Smith написал(а):
> A fix for the below stated problem was checked in.  We both tested it and
> it appears to be correct, but please let us know if not.

2017-09-23 4:14 GMT+03:00 Andrew Randrianasulu <randrianasulu at gmail.com>:

> It seems to work fine - I can reset proxy settings -> size back to
>> original, and
> render at full resolution.

 Yes, it works.

But I see that after recently commit, if I change size back to original,
the created proxy is removed atomatically.
Is that a expected behaviour ?

It seems that after loading files to  Resources, if a user wants to create
a proxy, he should manually set the Canvas Size and only then create a
Because, if the file is only in Resources (timeline is empty), creating
proxy  does not affect Canvas Size.
i.e. the situation, that I described in my previous message, still exist (I
mean ".. the window says 'New media dimensons' " ).

> Also, it seems my problem with audio-only file crash after add
>> effect->delete
>> effect->play now fixed, too!
>> But there is another strangeness - I was working with video + audio mp4
>> file,
>> playing with proxy settings. I set cursor at some frame and this frame was
>> visible in compositor. After I loaded sound-only wav file from main menu'
>> recent files list. It loaded, but in compositor I still had same still
>> frame
>> from my mp4 file!
>> Note: this visual inconsistency might be due to my default to OpenGL video
>> output.
 Yes. I confirm.  That exists and in default X11-XV

> Igor*:  From manual: "..Proxy settings only work on the 1st video
>> layer...*
> Why ? I see, that if I load a few videos on a few tracks, choose "Proxy
>> settings", => I get the  proxy for all video files
> (downscaled videos) on all  tracks.
> Phyllis:
              Yes, it does all tracks, but only the 1st LAYER of multiple
layers.  Such as:

> http://www.datafilehost.com/d/8ac9abaf

:) The screencast shows only a hockey match.
Still do not understand.  AFAIK  one track = one layer
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