[CinCV TNG] [BUG] Cin 5.1 GG built Sep 18 2017 ladspa "Analogue Oscilator"

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 01:01:36 CEST 2017

Ladspa Analogue Oscillator plugin is now working as checked into the Git
repository.  Problem was due to "zero range pot sigfpe" and could have
affected other items.

Also, I did bring up the controls on every other Ladspa plugin just to make
sure there were no more freezes.  The only discovered issue was that there
are duplicates of Crossfade and DC_offset that will have to be addressed.

On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 5:47 PM, Sam <cinelerra at poste.de> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I found a bug in Cin 5.1 GG built Sep 18 2017 OpenSuse Leap 42.3. The
> LADSPA Analogue Oscilator plugin causes the main window (tracks) to crash.
> 1. To do this, drag the plugin into a free track.
> 2. As a second step open the view of the plugin. From this point on, the
> main window no longer reacts.
> Sam
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