[CinCV TNG] Cin 5.1 GG Proxy

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 23:32:28 CEST 2017

Update on Proxy Settings and there is an attached PDF file on usage.

Sam quote:

> I have a suggestion. (need proxies)
OK, now it is in the Git repository and GG has added a good option of Use

Igor quote:

> But I do not understand how to convert proxy.xml to origs for final
> rendering.
> .. manually ?
The answer to this, is the answer to all.  Simply bring up the Proxy
Settings and choose "Original size" as the Scale Factor, check OK, it
resizes to the original size, so now you can do your regularPrender.

Glen quote:

> Just my $0.02.
And a good two cents it is, given the below quote from 1 year 9 months

*01/22/2016 Glen quote*:

> I would add that some sort
> of intuitive method of using proxy clips for working with HD video on
> modest and older PC's would also be an added bonus.
We noted this at that time, but Goodguy did not port HV 4.6.1 Proxy code
because he mistakenly believed it was just another transcode.  Now we know

Andrew quote:

> I have suggestion for those settings still: may be filter out audio
> formats and
> such (because  those settings at least right now about video only)
Good idea. I modified the code to do this.

Andrew quote:

> it all will work fine, until I
> try to render edited track in its full size/quality...here Cinelerra reuses
> just created proxy file, and not main file.
As stated above, you just have to go back into Proxy Settings and get
You need to clean up stale media by deleting /path/*proxy*.

Glen quote:

> hope there will be a way to not require both streams in the timeline
> editor, this can make for a very busy project.

One last item of note.  Although we both tested, we are not video experts
but mostly just computer people.  There may be new anomalies that we don't
know how to create/test or whether something is squirrelly.  So please
provide exact details of what may be an issue.

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