[CinCV TNG] Sound track DNxHD invisible under cinelerra-cv.

Pierre autourduglobe p.autourduglobe at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 17:06:00 CEST 2017

Hi Igor,

I understand... Cinelerra-cv is changing and it's very good, Einar is 
doing a great job.

I thought that reporting a problem that I observed might be useful, but 
if you say it is not... ok.

For my part I am at the moment making a series of corporate documents 
with cinelerra-cv, the deadlines are tight and the delivery times can 
not be much delayed.

I might be better to install an older version of cinelerra-cv 2.3; less 
advanced, but more stable, to make this contract. At least until 
cinelerra completes its phase of accelerated growth.


Le 2017-09-20 à 02:28, igor_ubuntu a écrit :
> /
> /
> /2017-09-15 19:44 GMT+03:00 Pierre autourduglobe 
> <p.autourduglobe at gmail.com <mailto:p.autourduglobe at gmail.com>>:
> /
> /... Some sound tracks of DNxHD files are invisible under cinelerra-cv./
> Hi Pierre,
> Einar works on upgrading avlibs in Cinelerra-CV.
> This means all encoding/decoding will be replaced with new libraries. 
> Testing and reporting encoding/decoding errors at the current state of 
> Cinelerra-CV is unimportant.
> If you can/want to help, please compile  Cinelerra-*CVE* 
> https://git.cinelerra-cv.org/gitweb?p=einar/cinelerra.git;a=summary
> The changes from there will be ported to Cinelerra-CV (CVO).
> git clone git://git.cinelerra-cv.org/einar/cinelerra.git 
> <http://git.cinelerra-cv.org/einar/cinelerra.git> cv_einar
> git pull
> ./autogen.sh
> ./configure --prefix=/opt/cve --with-buildinfo=git/recompile
> make
> sudo make install
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