[CinCV TNG] Can't read audio from ffmpeg (encoder: Lav56.40.101)

Ken Olum kdo at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Wed Sep 20 04:36:42 CEST 2017

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 16, which uses ffmpeg instead of avconv.
Now cinelerracv can't read the audio from files that I write with ffmpeg
in .mov or .mp4 formats.  

I recorded a short wav file, converted it to mp4 using

avconv -i test.wav -strict experimental good.mp4

on Ubuntu 14.04.5.  This one works in cinelerracv.

Then I made a new version of this file by saying

ffmpeg -i good.mp4 -acodec copy bad.mp4

on Ubuntu 16.04.3.  This one does not work in cinelerra.  When I load
it, it shows just flat lines, and when I play it there is only silence.
VLC, on the other hand, can play bad.mp4 fine.

The behavior in Cinelerra-CV 2.3-20150813-PPA and in Cinelerra-CV
2.3-20170917-PPA is the same.

According to ffprobe, the good file has encoder: Lavf54.20.4, while the
bad one has encoder: Lavf56.40.101.

If I instead write a .ogg file, it works.

Is the problem in ffmpeg or cinelerra-cv?

The two mp4 files are attached.



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