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I agree with Sam, proxy editing that at least approaches the
simplicity of Kdenlive would be a huge asset, that indeed is
Kdenlive's most useful feature.  As devices jump to 4K proxy editing
will be the only possibility to use on older hardware, many people can
currently edit 1080P on 1 or 2 tracks on 5-6 year old computers, but
I'm often juggling 5-6 tracks of 1080P and a straightforward and
simple way to set up a Cinelerra project tree with proxies would make
a huge difference. Background Rendering is a useful fallback but it is
awkward and slow even at the best of times.

Just my $0.02..

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	Thank you Haldun. 
Am 19.09.2017 um 07:20 schrieb Haldun ALTAN:

	Hello Sam, 

	You can see also here : 

	http://www.g-raffa.eu/Cinelerra/HOWTO/ [1] 

	I've already used it and it works well even tough a little tricky and
old school (there are no clics :)) ) and You have to paye attention :)

	An automatisation may help on workflow. It may be another kind of

Le 18/09/2017 à 20:30, Sam a écrit :

	Hi guys, I have a suggestion. 

	The way I see it, you can't work with proxies in Cinelerra. Maybe I
missed this function? In Kdenlive and Premiere you can create smaller
video (f.e. 640x480) files from the original. You can then work with
these small video files in the main window. The working speed is
therefore much faster. Only during rendering the original files are
used. It would be helpful because working with large files is very
tedious. Kdenlive supports this feature, maybe you can copy some code?
This function should not be confused with background rendering.

	An Example: 

	Right-click on a video in the media window. Click on Proxy in the
context menu. At this moment a small copy is being made in the
background. From this point on, in the main window you only works with
the smaller copy. When rendering the video, only the original file is

	What do you think of my suggestion? 



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