[CinCV TNG] Findobject plugin it impossible to build

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 01:40:30 CEST 2017

> OS: Manjaro Gellivara 17.0.3
> Arch: 64 BIt
> Plugin: findobject
> log
> /bin/bash: línea 0: cd: ../../thirdparty/OpenCV*: No existe el fichero o
> el directorio
> cc -c `cat x86_64/c_flags` findobject.C -o x86_64/findobject.o
> In file included from findobject.C:31:0:
> findobject.h:52:10: error fatal: opencv2/legacy/blobtrack.hpp: No existe
> el fichero o el directorio
> #include "opencv2/legacy/blobtrack.hpp"
> ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> compilación terminada.
> make: *** [../../plugin_config:57: x86_64/findobject.o] Error 1
> why it happens?
> IMHO: findobject calls an ancient version of opencv (and if you want build
> and enjoy this plugin you may break your system, or at least break some
> apps)

    When Cinelerra could update this plugin? (for make it use opencv3)
At least for now and if you build it yourself, Find Object has been updated
to use opencv3 in CGG 5.1.  It has the "find object" feature.  Initially
you will need to have network access to download OpenCV.  As it was, it did
not even compile without some work and there is currently no blob and
camshift features which were not working anyway.

Attached is a PDF file description and build instructions (which you might
want to read first!) and a demo along with input files in case you want to
try it are at:

Some testing has been done with sample data.  It needs a better plugin icon
to match Sam's cinfinity style (also need Rumbler icon).

If you are used to doing your own builds already, the simple build
instructions are just to add:  --with-findobject=sta   .

At least once findobject and OpenCV were compiled on 32-bit ubuntu version
14 - there were at least 3 compiler errors in some unknown sections of
opencv, but findobject ran correctly anyway.  Also, we already know that
the selection of the object can be tedious.     GG/Phyllis
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