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Frederic Roenitz ml1 at aimvis.de
Mon Sep 11 16:19:37 CEST 2017

Thank you GG,

I had a close look at the files you uploaded.

And sorry, I wasn't clear enough.

I saw two problems and described the important problem second ...

So please let me start again, but this time in more detail:

The important problem (no sound when back at speed 1):

           0  1  2  3

speed 60  x--x
speed 1         x-----

selection       |-----|

rendered 'selection' has no sound

The secondary problem (audio dropouts):

(In my first report, I hoped the audio dropouts were easier to
describe and would solve the main problem.)

While at speed 60 there are audio dropouts as my example below 'How to
reproduce' shows, too.

How to reproduce

I used audacity to generate a one hour sine tone at 110Hz and saved it
as 110Hz.ogg.

(110Hz because the officially audible range for humans is about 16 Hz
to 20 kHz and we usually can hear 110Hz, 100*110Hz and everything in
between. 110Hz: speed 1; 100*110Hz: speed 100.)

With cinelerra-gg, 110Hz.ogg and the titler plugin I generated a one
hour video at 160x120pixels and rendered it to 110Hz.mp4.

I opened 110Hz with cinelerra-gg (o, replace current project).

Then I have put some speed handles into the timeline: Please have a
look at the attached screenshot (it's similar to the above pictogram)

Everything is as expected up to here.

render selection

the rendered result is the attached file: 110Hz_speeded_renderResult.mp4

For 110Hz_speeded_renderResult.mp4 I would expect to always hear a
sine sound with no interruptions.

But the audio is full of "silent holes".

Please have a look (and listen) at 110Hz_speeded_renderResult.mp4.

related but not as important as the main problem:

Could you make the Titler with 'Stamp timecode' be affected by speed

How can I easily see which value a speed handle has? Currently I can
drag it a bit and look at the status bar and guess how far I dragged
it. Or I can right click -> speed -> click the fader nob. Both ways
are quite complicated.

Kind greetings


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