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Sorry, totally messed up the description:

1) untar fred3.tar in /tmp
2) run cin, open session /tmp/fred3.xml
3) click F_aeval show icon, plugin parameters pops up
  notice that the t variable is always used as t/25
4) close popup
8) Press R (render), render gui appears
9) set the "render range" to "project"
 and use "create new resources only"
10) Select file format FFMPEG / qt
11) press audio wrench, select s16le.qt, ok
12) press video wrench, select mp4.qt, ok
13) set "Select a file to render" as /tmp/fredx.qt
14) click ok to render.

This will create /tmp/fredx.qt which has raw audio that has been
stretched out 25 times.  Now, open it in cin and play it using
the speed auto at 25x.  set the in/out markers to limit playback
to 1/25th of the normal range and playusing ctrl-spacebar.
you should hear the "busy signal" tones from F_aeval.

I mixed up the render/playback setup....
sorry for the confusion.


download link: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/53832e67
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