[CinCV TNG] cinelerra-gg Speed Fade Automation oddity

Frederic Roenitz ml1 at aimvis.de
Sun Sep 10 23:50:05 CEST 2017

Hi GG,

the rendered time lapse video has audio problems.

I tested this with an one hour video and different speed auto

Easiest test case: One speed handle at 0:00:00:00 for each
track. Selecting about 3 seconds of the clip. Render selection.

extremely rough approximations:

speed 15: audio ok

speed 20: inconspicuous audio dropouts

speed 25: 50% audio dropouts

speed 40: 90% audio dropouts

speed 50 and above: 100% audio dropout

And if I add (later in the timeline) another speed handle with high
speed and one frame later speed 1, the speed 1 section is missing
audio completely, too.

Please help.

Kind greetings


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