[CinCV TNG] Latest changes in the Cinelerra world

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 18:42:38 CEST 2017

CGG most notable (from the user's standpoint, since a lot of bug fixes and
code cleanup are not noticable by the user community):

Cinfinity icons for a more modern look (by Sam with Creative Commons Zero).
Title major improvements with some of the best received listed here:
   now can drag the title anywhere on the screen by using 9 different drag
   longer titles up to 3071 characters (also works in other text boxes)
   color picker allows for saving the last 16 picked colors for later re-use
   faster font locator plus stroker for pen strokes inside characters
   addition of background video
   individual character attributes of Color, Size, Font, Underline, Bold,
Italic, Caps, Blink,
     Alpha, Nudge, Sup(erscript,subscript),  PNG inclusion, and unicode
Compositor Zoom scroll bar added to zoom in/out at any level via slider.
Plugin changes to include improved Perspective, Blue Banana, Edgedetect,
C41 and new
    plugins of Rumbler, Motion51, and CriKey
Additional video transitions for Shapewipe of Specks, Spiral, and Burst are
Builds for latest versions of software such as Ubuntu 17, Mint 18, Leap
42.3, Debian
   Stretch with a 32-bit build, as well as Slackware 32-bit,
Third-party libraries have been kept up to date to include ffmpeg,
Updated dcraw to be able to process CR2 raw-image formats and added Probe
Added several new option files: visually_lossless, option to handle
   in the MP4/QT containers, and h265 option files.
New capability for copy/paste list of files among and between instances of
Shortcuts.html added to the shell cmds icon for ease of access.

If the above is too much, feel free to delete whatever is too much!

Also, if possible, is there a way to create a link to the "five" area
"differences.pdf" that goodguy has access to so that I can try better to
keep it updated?  And a reference to Features5.pdf (if not already)?


On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 4:57 AM, Danny Schmarsel <danny at schmarsel.de> wrote:

> Dear devs and users,
> as some you already noticed, I have fallen a bit behind with updating the
> website for a while.
> Those are the disadvantages of studying and having a part-time job, I
> guess. ;)
> Our last news item was issued in December 2016.
> I think it's time for a new one to show people we are not a dead project.
> Last I checked there was a new titler in Cinelerra-GG and I also noticed
> someone submitted new icons for it recently.
> Apart from that, I wasn't able to follow the project, though. :(
> Can you give me a heads-up of the greatest changes and improvements in the
> Cinelerra world, so I can write something up?
> (If I had the time, I'd browse through the changelogs and commits, but I'd
> rather ask people more involved with the project first.)
> Thanks,
> -Danny
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