[CinCV TNG] CGG new preference option - Forward Render Enable Displacement - added to GIT

Frederic Roenitz ml1 at aimvis.de
Thu Sep 7 21:59:39 CEST 2017

 > Taking Igor's and your email words, it has been renamed in Preferences as "Always show next frame" (sorry, Fred!).

That's ok. Hopefully we'll find something that just waited to be named
after us. Looking forward to see the Igor-, Phyllis-, GG-, Frederic- or
[your name]-functionality. :)

Well, and the variable in Cinelerra_rc is still called

... just checked: In the current git version it still reads: "Forward
render enable displacement".

 > This was an ffmpeg problem that has been ongoing.  Yet another fix
 > has been applied so your cases should now be correct.  I tested it
 > on several files that had 23 different extensions..

23 ... respect!

When I use the same test scenario as I used before:

OK when using keypad1.

But: When using keypad4 after a couple of keypad1(s) the compositor
shows a black screen.

Kind greetings


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