[CinCV TNG] CGG new preference option - Forward Render Enable Displacement - added to GIT

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 01:56:38 CEST 2017

Frederic quote:

> And thank you for the honor of naming it after me! :D

Taking Igor's and your email words, it has been renamed in Preferences as
"Always show next frame" (sorry, Fred!).  It is hard to correctly come up
with a few words to indicate what it does, so this is the best we could
agree on and it is just back to having to read the documentation to
understand it (sorry too).

Frederic quote:

> Everything works as expected (by me ;) except:
> "always vo"
> ===========
> Test setup:
> start cinelerra, n, 25fps, ffmpeg mp4 h264, press home key, select
> 10seconds, insert video effect: "title" with "Stamp timecode",
> insertion strategy: Replace current project, render.
> Then, the strange part:
> press home key: insertion point cursor jumps to timeline position 0. OK.
> But compositor shows: 0:00:01:00

> Note: Same case but with render to m2ts works fine.
This was an ffmpeg problem that has been ongoing.  Yet another fix has been
applied so your cases should now be correct.  I tested it on several files
that had 23 different extensions..

Frederic quote

> Phyllis> Settings→Preferences-> Interface tab that “displaces” forward
> movement by 1 from the default when playing forward.
> I've found it at:
> Settings -> Appearance -> Flags: Forward render enable displacement

Oops! I fixed it in the manual.

> Igor> Please, make a more detailed explanation.
> Igor> How about renaming to 'Forward Render Enable Displacement '+1''
> Igor> At least, it makes sense to make an explanation_yellow tip:
> something like 'to enable the seeking mode for transport controls'
> Unfortunately, currently the Preferences code has no tooltips hookups.  GG
says I can submit a patch to put this in (smiley face!)

Igor quote:

> If the checkbox is on, a user should have a small indicator (or changing
> the color of the cursor) on Compositor and the main window.
> Blinking insertion point ? Ok. But:
> 1 - That is only in main window
> 2 - Тhe checkbox is enabled, a user presses KP, the ins. point does not
> blink (the same as without this checkbox set.)
> How can he/she distinguish between modes? Especially if he forgot his
> choice ..

A color indicator that shows in the main track canvas timeline and the
compositor timeline reminds the user which mode is currently active. The
cursor in the compositor turns red for default mode and white for “Always
show next frame” mode. The top portion of the insertion cursor in the track
canvas mirrors this, with red for default and white otherwise.  GG tried
some other color/blinking stuff but it looked really bad so this is the way
it is.  You can see what it looks like in Features5.pdf on
cinelerra..../five 4.2.1.

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