[CinCV TNG] CGG new preference option - Forward Render Enable Displacement - added to GIT

Frederic Roenitz ml1 at aimvis.de
Mon Sep 4 22:41:34 CEST 2017

Thank your very much!!!! This is awesome, are both of you somehow
related to Santa Claus? :))))

And thank you for the honor of naming it after me! :D

Everything works as expected (by me ;) except:

"always vo"

Test setup:

start cinelerra, n, 25fps, ffmpeg mp4 h264, press home key, select
10seconds, insert video effect: "title" with "Stamp timecode",
insertion strategy: Replace current project, render.

Then, the strange part:

press home key: insertion point cursor jumps to timeline position 0. OK.
But compositor shows: 0:00:01:00

press keypad1: insertion point cursor moves one timeline position forward to timeline position 1. OK.
But compositor still shows: 0:00:01:00

advancing the insertion point cursor up to timeline position
0:00:01:00: the compositor always shows 0:00:01:00.

Only after 0:00:01:00 the compositor shows what I would expect.

Note: Same case but with render to m2ts works fine.

Finding the option

Phyllis> Settings→Preferences-> Interface tab that “displaces” forward movement by 1 from the default when playing forward.

I've found it at:

Settings -> Appearance -> Flags: Forward render enable displacement

Igor> Please, make a more detailed explanation.
Igor> How about renaming to 'Forward Render Enable Displacement '+1''
Igor> At least, it makes sense to make an explanation_yellow tip: something like 'to enable the seeking mode for transport controls'

As much as I like the name, I don't know how I would find this
preference if I didn't knew it.

My thoughts if I was a first time cinelerra-gg user, when I found out
about the "ov" behavior and wanted "vo" behavior:

  - Is it broken?

  - check "preferences -> Interface" and would look for something like:
    "transport", "playback", "playhead", "playback cursor behavior and
    compositor window".

A short description/tooltip that might help me would be something like

  "Let the compositor always show the frame that is right to the
   insertion point cursor (of the timeline of the main window)."

insertion point cursor blinking

Phyllis> /Blinking/ insertion point on the timeline - seeking/positioning was the last operation.
Phyllis> Solid /non-blinking/ insertion point on timeline - playing was the last operation.

Yes, but it remembers me the 'rendering took' thing:

case 1

mouse click into the timeline: insertion point cursor blinks.

moving the mouse cursor from the main window to another window for
example over the compositor window (with my window-manager-setup it
moves the window focus): insertion point cursor stops blinking.

moving the mouse cursor back over the main window: insertion point
cursor blinks again.

case 2

mouse click into the timeline: insertion point cursor blinks.

moving the mouse cursor over some regions of the main window
("Automation range", "Selection start time", "Selection length" and
"Selection end time") in the bottom right area of the main window:
insertion point cursor stops blinking.

Kind greetings


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