[CinCV TNG] CGG new preference option - Forward Render Enable Displacement - added to GIT

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 19:32:55 CEST 2017

A preference new option has been checked into the Git for CGG – *F*orward*
R*ender *E*nable* D*isplacement (the +1 option!) Use:

Settings→Preferences-> Interface tab that “displaces” forward movement by 1
from the default when playing forward.  You will see any forward "plays" in
the Compositor window showing the same frame as you would with a seek.
Reverse plays and plays using a selection or In/Out pointers (with Ctrl)
work the same as without this preference set.

Since this took many hours of investigation/work, please test if and when
you can and let us know of any problems.  All of the previous behavior
without the option set should be the same with the exception of 2
discovered bugs which were fixed.

Also, did you know this?

*Blinking* insertion point on the timeline - seeking/positioning was the
last operation.

Solid *non-blinking* insertion point on timeline - playing was the last

Frederic quote from "lazy insertion point movement" thread:
> Currently the insertion point cursor is blinking after a seek when it
>   is done by clicking with the mouse 'in the timeline'. It is not
>   blinking when the seek is done by entering a value in the "Selection
>   start time" field.
>   The insertion point cursor is solid (not blinking) after a play
>   operation (and while playing, too).
>   ... but this is not clear enough for me to be helpful/usable.

Thanks to Frederic for pointing this out as we never noticed that!  Now
that we checked it out, it seems helpful/usable to us so not sure why not
to others.

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