[CinCV TNG] cin5.1 CGG new packages/tarballs available

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 00:50:01 CEST 2017

New builds are ready for download at:
Also, releasenotes.pdf, changelog.pdf, and Features5.pdf are there.

Builds were done on up-to-date distros and new distro version numbers.  For
example, the default Debian will be 9.1 (Stretch) and you will have to use
the debian8 for Jessie now.  And the default Mint is 18.2 so need to refer
to mint17 for the previous version.

August release notes are attached as a text file.  Notable changes are 3
new Video transition shapewipes, KP1-6 shift option, C41 plugin upgrade, 3
segv fixes, a lot of small memory leaks are now gone, and a table of
shortcuts.html has been added to shell cmds icon usage (will only
automatically show up if modify $home/.bcast5/Cinelerra_rc or use a new
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5.1  Release Notes for changes from 08/01/2017 to 08/31/2017 for these builds

1. Updated version of H.265 library included.
2. Added Specks and Burst to Video Transitions Shapewipe and reworked Spiral.
3. Usability Improvements:
    Using the keypad 1-6 transport now allows for either adding the audio, such as in
       the case of KP1 and KP4 by using shift-KP1/4, or deleting the audio for KP2,3,5,6 with the Shift.
       (Pierre noted a need for audio with KP1/4 in an email response).
    Added “One Frame” option to Render window to Render Range choices.  In addition, ghosting of
      illegal choices for render range will be in effect, more error messages will be generated such as
      “zero render range” when nothing is selected, and window has been widened (email from Andrew
      stating some problems + Igor’s response caused these fixes/improvements to be generated).
    Modified Render window to have the red checkmark for Render Audio Tracks and Render Video
      Tracks checked if available for the chosen format.  For example if have Music mp3, Video will not
      be checked.
    Modified CriKey plugin to allow for choosing multiple points for chroma key instead of just 1 and
      also removed Search/Search All since no longer needed or already in Chromakey plugin.
    Added showing of Hex color value in composer eyedropper.
    Upgrade of C41 plugin with bug fixes for divide by zero and other problems (see Features5.pdf).
    Added Shell Cmds “shortcuts” html for ease of use and to Features5.pdf.
    Clipboard rework – this was fixed to solve a problem with Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V.
    A CIN_XSYNCH export variable has been added to assist developers in debugging windows.
4. Bugs/Issues fixed:
    Fixed bug that showed up in Titler and CriKey plugins where events were being grabbed across
      windows when they should not have been.
    Added to the COPYING file about licenses, the cinfinity icons from Sam / creativecommons.
    A memory leak when load filters/read frames in use has been diagnosed and alleviated.
    Improper Reticle Keyframes refreshes have been fixed.
    Some resizing in the Render and Preferences Tab area for language translations (Igor notes).
    Default Theme missed translation has been fixed (Sam found).
    Valgrind reports of errors has been addressed.
    For the Copy/Paste file list, made the window resizable to accommodate long file names (Frederic).
    Fixed bug in rewind single frame audio.
    An infinite loop in the audio alsa driver is now gone.
    Fix for lock state on grab windows.
    A case where video up with plugin and show controls, and then load another, turns off controls is
       fixed (Phyllis found).
    Background Rendering problems fixed (discovered/reported by Frederic):
        - removed ffmpeg as an option as only meant for sequence type output
        - using PNG under certain circumstances crashed due to undefined color model
        - switch from non-Alpha to Alpha incorrectly changed the size
        - the format filename was incorrectly having an extension added to the filename
    A build dependency for xorg-server-utils has been removed from the Arch distro because Arch no
       longer uses it (IRC question).
    Refresh frame code has been moved.
    Some cases of the zoom in the Compositor window drifting has been fixed.
    The New project option code has been cleaned up and New now kills/deletes previous project.
    Developer code now prints out memory leakage and new program leaker.C can help find these leaks.
        Using the leaker program, a lot of small leaks were fixed.
    When using the keypad to play and then stop, in the main window the insertion point incorrectly 
       “hopped” one additional frame backwards/forward has now been corrected (Frederic).
    Window Manager problem tweaks to avoid potential errors (discovered via Alain/Debian Stretch).
    Language translation for info.txt for short description of plugins bug fixed.
    When quitting Cinelerra with the Titler, a SEGV occurred sometimes, but now fixed (Phyllis noted).
    Fedora build required small change for the latest version.
    Clear cache for undo/redo editing since it was causing a SEGV.
    The Alt-# (used on a multi-program video) had a range check issue that is now corrected. 
    A SEGV in plugin_set has been fixed.

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