[CinCV TNG] lazy insertion point movement when using keypad

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Thu Aug 24 10:14:39 CEST 2017

2017-08-24 1:42 GMT+03:00 Phyllis Smith <phylsmith2017 at gmail.com>:

> *Igor:*
> *But..*
>>> *quote from manual*
>>> *When using frame advance functions the behavior may seem odd. If you
>> frame advance forward and then frame advance backward, the displayed frame
>> does not change.This is because the playback position is not the frame but
>> the time between two frames. The rendered frame is the area that the
>> playback position crosses. When you increment the time between two frames
>> by one and decrement it by one, you cross the same frame both times and so
>> the same frame is displayed. I do not understand the mechanism of this
>> behavior. I understand what's going on, but I do not understand why.*
>> *Great scholars indicate that in the beginning the universe blew up from
>> a singularity, just so we could do "this".  After a long series of
>> arbitrary decisions and design mistakes, we are "here"... and as Neo put it
>> "the problem is choice", and as Morpheus put it "Welcome to the real
>> world"... such as it is.*
>> *SO,,, position is usually set in the program as a location that is
> between a previous and next frame/sample unit such that the next unit
> equals the seek target.  After position is reset using a "seek" operation,
> the next unit is displayed, which is the seek target.  When play is
> forwards, the next unit is shown, and the position is advanced one unit.
> When play is in reverse, the previous unit is shown, and the position is
> reduced one unit.  At the beginning, there is no previous, and at the end,
> there is no next, but silence is rendered at the end.*
> *so sayith GG (using Phyllis' account)*
Could you please explain this behavior  https://files.fm/u/zfbzac79 ? This
new screencast shows same file with 1fps. The file has 10 images: img1 img2
... img10

I place (manually) the insert. point(cursor) between* img4* and *img5*  ->
Compositor shows the next img5 (the next one in relation to the
cursor)  *(because
I make  'seeking')*
I press the bt. 'Frame forward' -> Compositor shows the previous *img5* (the
previous one in relation to the cursor) that has just been played (*because
I make   'playing')*
I press the bt. 'Frame backward' -> Compositor shows the * img5*  *Why ?*

I repeat the same thing: placing between img7 and img8 -> Compositor shows
img8,  pressing the bt. Frame_forward -> Compositor shows img8,
pressing  'Frame backward' -> Compositor shows img8

The second part of the screencast shows
- I am placing the cursor between frames manually in the direction  from 10
to 1  (seeking)
- I am pressing  the bt. 'Frame backward'   I'm moving in the direction  from
10 to 1  (playing)

But there is no difference between seeking and playing
*Why ?*
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