[CinCV TNG] lazy insertion point movement when using keypad

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2017-08-23 18:52 GMT+03:00 Frederic Roenitz <ml1 at aimvis.de>:

> Wow, thank you a lot for all the details! This is really a lot of
> stuff that needs consideration when you look at it from all point of
> views!

Yes, that is  a very impessive research ! Many thanks !

> Before I can give my 2 cents in a comprehensible way, I need some
> clarification and certainty that we are using the same words for the
> same things. :)
> Definition of "playing" and "seeking"
> *************************************

AFAIU Any manually moving/clicking the insertion point (i.e. cursor) (in
viewer, compositor and timiline) is    'seeking'

Any pressing any transport button is  'playing'.

To illustrate what Phyllis said, I made this screencast

*quote from manual:*

*When using frame advance functions the behavior may seem odd. If you frame
advance forward and then frame advance backward, the displayed frame does
not change.This is because the playback position is not the frame but the
time between two frames. The rendered frame is the area that the playback
position crosses. When you increment the time between two frames by one and
decrement it by one, you cross the same frame both times and so the same
frame is displayed*.
I do not understand the mechanism of this behavior. I understand what's
going on, but I do not understand why.
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