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On Sun, Aug 20, 2017 at 1:56 AM, igor_ubuntu <sitelve at gmail.com> wrote:

> But.
>  After loading, calculating, pressing "Apply values" we have displaying of
> the grid lines in accordance with the calculated values.
>  But sliders(controls) are located at 0. It would be better if they were
> automatically placed (after pressing "Apply values") according to the
> default values (*to the original box*) (аs it was implemented in the
> previous СGG's c41 version).  It would be more convenient for navigation
> and orientation.
> Yes, I can press the bt. 'Apply default box' but that is an additional
> step.
> But you really might want to retain box values across images, for example
you have some old film that has 20 pictures where every picture has damage
in the left corner so you will want to position the sliders to avoid that
corner.  However, you do want to recalculate the values from 1 picture to
the next because the pictures are totally different - like going from the
penguin to the Paul ferris wheel.  If you had "Apply values" change the
sliders too, then you would have to reposition your box.

The actual more confusing issue that I have to include in the documentation
is that when you have either the rows or the columns where the minimum
slider is greater than or equal to the maximum slider, you automatically
are going to get the default box (this is obviously the case when both rows
are set to 0).

I hope this explanation is satisfactory.  If the way you suggest was in
operation at some time, I was not aware of it and GG did his best to
closely follow the original algorithms.  Phyllis
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