[CinCV TNG] C41 in Cin-CVE

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On 15 August 2017 at 22:00, igor_ubuntu <sitelve at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2017-08-15 21:16 GMT+03:00 Einar Rünkaru <einarrunkaru at gmail.com>:
>> RGBA-FLOAT should be fixed.
> Now it works and for RGBA-FLOAT.
> Thanks !
> But colors.. As I already said today, they are significantly different
> from CGG and CVO
>> Show active area draws 1 pixel wide line. As plugin can't draw directly
>> to output window, it draws to video frame. If you scale output window down,
>> some pixels can't be drawn.
>> Einar
> Now I understand.
> ---------
> I loaded .tiff  1440x1080
> CGG shows
>     Box col   144  1296
>     Box row  108    972
> CVE shows  https://files.fm/u/kyd3w42f
> Why such а difference ?
C41 calculates coeficents on input frame. The result depends on what is in
input frame. Different parts give different results. To get the best result
you have to set the project size to input pictute size and track size to
input picture size. Then change the location of cursor on Program window
(coeficents should be recalculated). Then press 'Apply values'.

The difference: probably CGG shows 'shaved size'. CVE shows shaved size
with sliders - they are completely wrong on your picture - upper 'col' must
be near left end, lower 'col' near right end. The same apllies to 'row'

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