[CinCV TNG] Cinelerra-GG on Debian Stretch ?

AD aldopic at free.fr
Mon Aug 14 21:03:46 CEST 2017

After more tests, I found out that Cinelerra-GG fails because of Compiz 
(0.8.14 from http://compiz-debian.tuxfamily.org/). If Compiz is disabled 
when starting Cinelerra, it works; I can then start compiz AFTER Cinelerra.

Le 14/08/2017 à 17:08, Good Guy a écrit :
> Sorry to hear you are having problems.  Stretch was giving me problems 
> too. The big problem I had was that the default video driver had 
> "issues" with my graphics card.
> I looked at your backtrace.  The backtrace indicates a munmap pointer is 
> bad, in the address data. After looking at it, I would have to conclude 
> the XQueryTree call did not work in get_top_coords.  No idea why.  The 
> call setup looks good
> The system stabilized after I added "nomodeset" to the kernel startup.  
> I tried to run without nomodeset on my build systems, one died on boot, 
> one died in the desktop, and I never got to try cinelerra before the 
> failures stopped me.
> Try nomodeset to see if that is it.  This is specified at boot time by 
> editing the linux kernel startup command line using the grub editor.  
> Edit the linux kernel cmdline, like:
> linux   /vmlinuz-<version> root=UUID=... *nomodeset*
> initrd  /initrd-<version>
> What is your graphics card? The probe that is running when the error 
> occurs is trying to find  the window manager's parent window geometry.  
> What is the window manager?  Gnome segv's when I use an old graphics 
> card, but nomodeset is a work-around.
> GG
> On Sun, Aug 13, 2017 at 7:34 AM, AD <aldopic at free.fr 
> <mailto:aldopic at free.fr>> wrote:
>     Dear Cinelerra developers and users,
>     I've just found your website and various announces on it, in
>     particular the one about GG version of Cinelerra.
>     I used to do some video editing with Cinelerra-CV a few years ago
>     and I wish to continue in this way.
>     Unfortunately I did not manage to install Cinelerra-GG on my fresh
>     Debian Stretch. The Debian package on your website is for Jessie
>     (old stable) and it does not work with Stretch (the new stable).
>     Do you plan to update it in a near future ?
>     Thanks a lot for your work!
>     Cheers
>     Alain
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