[CinCV TNG] C41 in Cin-CVE

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Mon Aug 14 07:32:48 CEST 2017

2017-08-13 21:30 GMT+03:00 Phyllis Smith <phylsmith2017 at gmail.com>:

> The C41 plugin is kind of fun to play with so GG added what looks like
> Florent Delannoy's version to CGG after fixing a few anomalies.  I have
> attached here a PDF file documentation that I was working on.

Thank you very much !!

I saw that you upgraded C41


But CVE's C41 has  problems with displaying the active area
and you ported ones to CinGG.
CGG_screencast   https://files.fm/u/jy6smwwy

The file for testing https://files.fm/u/4vu4gmut

СVE's C41 does not work properly in RGBA-FLOAT (I get black screen), but
CGG works properly.

It makes sense to add a warning message to CGG
 "Only RGB(A) Float color models are supported"

I loaded .tiff  1440x1080
By default, CGG shows
    Box col   144  1296
    Box row  108    972

CVE shows  https://files.fm/u/kyd3w42f
Why such а difference ?
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