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Thu Aug 10 20:45:11 CEST 2017

2017-08-10 20:37 GMT+03:00 Einar R√ľnkaru <einarrunkaru at gmail.com>:

> * These are somehow described in commit descriptions
> https://git.cinelerra-cv.org/gitweb?p=einar/cinelerra.git;a=history;f=plugins/C41;hb=ee8c82c6751b62a4d4b99893344be765dca40aff
> <https://git.cinelerra-cv.org/gitweb?p=einar/cinelerra.git;a=history;f=plugins/C41;hb=ee8c82c6751b62a4d4b99893344be765dca40aff>
> Einar*


*:----------------------------------- Plugin C41: add optional
postprocessingAdded simple contrast + brightness postprocessingCoeficents
are calculated for shaved area of frameClamp pixel values and fix floating
point exeptional values.---------------------------------- Plugin C41:
calculate shaving boxAutomatically calculate columns and rows so shave from
frame.Row/column minimum and maximum difference must be greater than
0.05.This cuts away the border areas with constant
color.----------------- Plugin C41: rendering shaving box into frameShowing
shaving box. Box is shown when "Compute negfix values","Activate
processing" and "Show active area" are all
checked.----------------------- Plugin C41: make possible manually adjust
the shaving boxAdded four sliders to gui which move left, right, top
andbottom shaving margins.Usage is not very intuitive: to have the effect,
'lockparameters' must be used twice.------------------------------- Plugin
C41: new button for copying box valuesSeparate buttons for copying
coeficents andbounding box coordinates.----------------------*

* //Coef 1  Coef2  (inf  -nan)*
What do they mean here ? How ones work ?
What they do ? There is no info in git commits.

Seems the CVE's C41 does not work properly.  CVO's C41 works.
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