[CinCV TNG] C41 in Cin-CVE

edouard chalaron e.chalaron at xtra.co.nz
Wed Aug 9 22:50:20 CEST 2017

Hello Igor & al.

Just my 2 cents to complete your email
C41 has to work in RGB float (or more than the usual 8 bits / channel)
Adding the alpha channel is really good, because it will allow to use
ICE type of scans
Now I only tried once Einar's improvement, but as far as I remember it
the "boxing" options allow to calculate the inversion the digital
negatives in a given area of the frame
The current C41 does the calculation on the all frame

For Coeff1 and 2, on top of my mind it is the Gamma green and blue, we
released the plugin with these "coeff" things and later someone
corrected this with appropriate description.
Might well be Einar actually ..


On Wed, 2017-08-09 at 21:01 +0300, igor_ubuntu wrote:
> > C41-plugin  in Cin-CVE is more advanced, works in RGB(A)FLOAT (all
other branches only in RGB-FLOAT)
> and  has a few new parameters
> http://piccy.info/view3/11456253/2a9b0246bd99ee41091f650f5de8dec8/
> Show active area  
> Postprocess
> Coef 1  Coef2  (inf  -nan)
> Box col   + two controls  on the right
> Box row    + two controls on the right
> Apply box
> What do they mean? How they work ?
>  What they do ?
> p.s. 
> I know how to work with CVO's C41-plugin  
> Thanks to Edouard Chalaron.
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