[CinCV TNG] lazy insertion point movement when using keypad

Frederic Roenitz roenitz at aimvis.de
Sun Aug 6 12:17:24 CEST 2017

Good Guy wrote on 04.08.2017 18:00:

GG> it contains a few new features which are not fully up to
GG> speed.  The best one is the "Shift" key used with the
GG> numeric keypad.  When shift is pressed while operatng
GG> the KP1-KP6/KP_ENTER/KP_PLUS, the audio duty
GG> is toggled.  That is to say, if it normally plays audio, it
GG> won't play audio, and if it normally doesn't play audio,
GG> it will.  Yes, I know it is not working perfectly (yet).

I like that. :)

What do you think about using KP0 as the "Shift" key?
(With tooltip info on the according buttons of the main window,
compositor and viewer.)
This would allow us to use this feature with one hand.

Kind greetings


Pierre autourduglobe wrote on 05.08.2017 07:12:
> Hi Phyllis,
> Thank you for this follow-up and improvement, it will be, I am sure, very useful to adjust a cut precisely to the sound.
> Pierre
> Le 2017-08-04 à 18:36, Phyllis Smith a écrit :
>>     I use keypad1 and keypad4 very very often, as keypad2, keypad3, keypad5 and keypad6.
>>     The only thing I miss about keypad1 and keypad4 is that it is not possible to hear the sound with these keys, as opposed to keypad2, keypad3, keypad5 and keypad6.
>> A Shift option has been added to keypad1-6 that provides the opposite effect on the audio.  That is, shift-keypad1 has audio whereas keypad1 does not and similarly shift-keypad2 has no audio whereas keypad2 does, and so on.  It is checked into the Git repository, however currently shift-keypad4 has a problem but keypad4 works just as it has been (hopefully, a fix will go in soon).  Phyllis
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