[CinCV TNG] Cin 5.1 (32-bit) image rendering broken?

igor_ubuntu sitelve at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 09:52:43 CEST 2017

2017-08-03 4:24 GMT+03:00 Phyllis Smith <phylsmith2017 at gmail.com>:

*  image format and not 1 frame*

What does it mean ?

> *  image format and no video data*

Same question.

> But probably it makes sense to make pop-up yellow tooltips to these three
>> modes.
> We can not come up with any helpful tooltips because they are
> self-explanatory.

Your decision.

>> *I see that the render window is cut off.*
> *The window has been widened for improved appearance.*

That was wrong quote. I said: "..
* I see that the lines are cut off in Render window. But there is enough
space for the lines. "*
Probably that was a local problem in Andrew's system

* B*ut in any case, a 4th choice of "One frame"  created a new mini_problem

The problem can be solved by placing the items in one column (as it was
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