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Hi Phyllis and GG!

Do you guys ever get any sleep!? Thanks so much for another great
release with so many fine detailed improvements and bugfixes. Thanks
also to Sam for what must have been many hours of work on Cinfinity,
the new icons are very impressive and a huge visual improvement!

Keep up the great work, and again sincere thanks for your efforts!


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Sam's new icons are now in and the default (if you want the originals,
change in Settings->Preferences Appearance tab at the top left and
this will restart your session).  There seem to be more distros and
versions accumulating and there may be some renaming that might affect
you, so look around at:

https://cinelerra-cv.org/five [1]

Warning: there were a lot of feedback/requests/fixes/rework done so
just be aware that problems may still exist.  Also, not all feedback
has been addressed.  The updated Features5.pdf is out there too,
along with the releasenotes.pdf (a text version that may be less
readable is below.  GG/Phyllis

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5.1  Release Notes for changes from 07/01/2017 to 07/31/2017 for
these builds

1. New plugin icons (picons) are now a choice in Settings->Preferences
→Appearance and will be saved across sessions.  Credit: Creative
Common By https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ [2]  (Sam). 
This currently includes the Video and Audio icons, the transition
icons, and a replacement for the single ffmpeg audio/video and ladspa
icons.  Cinfinity will be the initial and fallback default so if you
want to switch to the original or Akirad versions, change it in
2. Caution: There was a lot of general code cleanup and rework which
was tested but could still have some issues so be sure to report
3. Additional capability has been added to Copy and Paste clips or a
list of files within and across multiple instances of Cinelerra.  
In the Resources/asset window, popups have some modifications to
support new capability such as “Copy/Paste file list” for Media,
“Copy” & “Delete” for Clips, and  “Delete” & “Go to”
for Labels.
4. The Perspective plugin has had implementation changes made for
cubic edges, plus there are now 4 choices for  methodology, with
Cubic looking the smoothest.  There is a zoom bar, red outline
boundary box, along with additional view and translate capabilities. 
Also, the Reset button has been moved so that longer words in language
translations are not cutoff (Sam feedback).  See Features5.
5.  A right click on a plugin in the Resources window has a new Info
choice that will provide a short description of the plugin (currently
all video and audio plugins & transitions are available.  This uses
contributed work from WPfilmmaker for the ffmpeg audio and video
plugins he had outlined in Features5.pdf (Peter suggestion).
6. LADSPA library upgrade to v0.4.17 which contains bug fixes (thanks
to plugin.org.uk [3]).
7. Added Leap 42.3 to the build machine so will be building a package
for that also (Terje noted).
8. Usability Improvements:
    In the Resources Window, the “right click” for Info now
will replace the previous “Asset Info” window if one is already
up.  This applies to Media and Clips (Peter suggestion).
    FF tooltip has been reworded to make the meaning clearer for
users (Frederic suggested).  The Shell Cmds button also has a default
“Setting Shell Commands” for easy access to usage (Frederic
recommended clarification).
    The “Rendering took” time in the lower left corner of the
main track canvas is now left up until certain status changes or until
a File→Load (Frederic pointed out the need for this).
    Removed Reel Name, Reel Number, Time Code Start from Asset Info
in Resources & Preferences.
    A few environment variables were set up for easier usage, such
as CIN_BROWSER.  See Features5.
    OpenEXR is now configurable in the “configure” script; use
with or without EXR.
    A “status update” has been added to the statusbar message
area for the load status.
    Stretchable scrollbars have been added.
    More Russian translations available (credit to Igor for
    Picon directory strategy has been modified to accommodate new
cinfinity and other picons.  In doing so, it is now possible to
create your own picon directory in the same path as picon_cinfinity,
etc. with your own versions of icons and this can be selected in
    The Settings→Preferences Interface tab was too long in the Y
direction such that users with a small laptop screen could not make
changes and then click OK to have them take effect.  So that tab was
split into 2 tabs of Interface and Appearance with other minor
9. Bugs/Issues fixed:
    Background Rendering toggle on/off not taking effect has been
fixed (Sam reported).
    CriKey new plugin was crashing when used via the right click
Show, but now OK (WP noted).
    Gradient plugin dials are no longer disappearing when switch
from/to radial/linear (Sam reported).
    In Rendering/Video Wrench, prevent button 2 Tumbler updates
when disabled (Sam discovered).
    Affine routine has been reworked (used by Perspective,
Motion51, and a few other operations).
    Right Click in the Resources Window, now brings up the
additional option of “Display Icons” which had mistakenly been
commented out (Peter noted).
    A “race” condition in the Compositor for clipping has been
alleviated (Sam reported).
    Clips shown in the Resources window no longer wipe out some
information.  Also, the default comments have been modified so that
now you will see the name of the window clip came from, the date and
timestamp and length on 1 line and the EDL it came from if available
(Peter reported).
    Background rendering Shift-G lock up/freeze is no longer a
problem. (Sam reported).
    Audio waveform disappears after clipping on the main timeline
has been fixed (noted by Sam).
    Missing “” in bld_prepare.sh has been added back in
(Frederic provided feedback).
    At least one instance of an empty title/comment of “Hello
World” for a clip has been replaced with information (Peter
noted).  Could not find any more reproducible cases.
    The Resources window “rebuild index” for certain non-ffmpeg
files is now getting done right.
    An embedded “CR – carriage return” in a file name or
pasted in, is now being handled.
    A SEGV situation in mwindow has been fixed; bug was undetected
for a long time.
    Label edit deadlock is no longer a problem (Frederic reported
after #2 above changes).
    Info detail in Resource window SEGV has been fixed (Phyllis
    Problem with seek-less stream when using ffmpeg required a mod
to ffmpeg (Doug reported).
    At least 1 occurrence of mistaken clips/unwanted comments when
in “resources only” mode fixed.
    A problem with Chinese characters in the Titler led to
discovery of a bug whereby different algorithms were being used for
the text in 2 different places.  This has been fixed and rework of
the text drawing was done (WP reported).
    Compressor audio plugin no longer crashes when attempting to
set the Point field (Phyllis found).
    Error message in status bar only flashed on the screen and not
long enough to read is correct now.
    Video Transitions were not correct when using OpenGL – it
flashed black and was not smooth.
    Added ShapeWipe transition choice of Spiral.

[1] https://cinelerra-cv.org/five
[2] https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
[3] http://plugin.org.uk

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