[CinCV TNG] New Icons for Cinelerra CV & GG

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sun Jul 30 13:55:49 CEST 2017

Phyllis & GG:

Do you have a pre-release with the new icons? I have some time today and 
could eliminate any inconsistencies.
The new icons are the first draft. In the second view, I often discover 
a lot of improvement potential.

If you find it good, however, it does not hurry.


Am 27.07.2017 um 16:22 schrieb Phyllis Smith:
>     Do you like the icons?
>             If you like the icons, I would hand them over to the
>     community.
>             Sam
> Sam:
> Good Guy received and checked into the GIt repository, the video, 
> audio, transition icons, and 3 ffmpeg/ladspa icons so they will be 
> built into the tars and packages starting on the 30th and 31st.
> For consistency's sake, if you have time before the 30th, did you want 
> to also do the folder icons?  From the code you see below, these are:
> needed:
> film_icon(file_unknown),
> folder_icon(file_folder)
> audio_icon(file_sound),
> video_icon(file_film),
> label_icon(file_label),
> clip_icon,
> atransition_icon,
> vtransition_icon,
> aeffect_icon,
> veffect_icon,
> already done:
> lad_picon,
> ff_audio,
> ff_video
> I have attached examples of the current icon images.
> These images are used as defaults when picon image data is not available.
> Your help here would be highly appreciated.  If this is not possible,
> that is ok; the current defaults are still usable.
> also, the audio vocoder plugin was replaced with a newer "ladspa" 
> version.  The original was a port of an older vocoder plugin from a 
> previous ladspa.
> So, the vocoder icon can be used for the newer ladspa plugin version.
> Phyllis & GG
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