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Glen MacArthur info at bandshed.net
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Hi Sam

Great job these look terrific! I don't know if you should waste your
time on individual LADSPA icons. In my case I use the LADSPA plugins
on my system (not just the ones in the GG builds) and there are
literally hundreds. I designed the icons for LADSPA in the Akirad
build and just made one icon for all LADSPA's. It's up to you but I
don't think that many users even use any LADSPA's or at the most one
or two.

Again, great job and thanks for sharing!

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 That's awesome!  

	 I try to create the other icons  for the transitions- and audio
plugins this week. In this version there will be only one icon for all
ffmpeg and ladspa plugins. For the next version, end of august, there
will be icons for each ffmpeg and ladspa plugins. It takes time as
there are a lot of plugins.

Am 24.07.2017 um 01:32 schrieb Phyllis Smith:

 Sam:  Thanks again!  GG couldn't wait to get your plugin icons and
has checked in code to use them as a choice in
Settings->Preferences->Interface on the bottom right hand side, just
below the Theme choice pick.  See the attached jpg file.

 Cool. I am happy now. :-)

 Yes, it will be under the GPL. I would be glad if you would name me
as creator of this icon work (Creative Common By
https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ [1] ). That’s all ;-).
Is that ok for you? You can do what you want with the icons.

 I call that icon set or theme: Cinfinity. ;-) But you can call it how
ever you want. 

Did I understand correctly that the credit should read
"Creative....3.0/" as quoted above and shown in the About section on
the attached jpg.  Or was I supposed to include the word "Sam"?  

Change will be in the next builds at the end of the month.  A side
note for users of CGG, when you choose to change the plugin icons,
your session will be stopped and restarted BUT it does a save backup
and load backup so nothing should be lost.  GG/Phyllis


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