[CinCV TNG] New Icons for Cinelerra CV & GG

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 01:32:06 CEST 2017

 Sam:  Thanks again!  GG couldn't wait to get your plugin icons and has
checked in code to use them as a choice in Settings->Preferences->Interface
on the bottom right hand side, just below the Theme choice pick.  See the
attached jpg file.

Cool. I am happy now. :-)
> Yes, it will be under the GPL. I would be glad if you would name me as
> creator of this icon work (Creative Common By
> https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ). That’s all ;-). Is that
> ok for you? You can do what you want with the icons.
> I call that icon set or theme: Cinfinity. ;-) But you can call it how ever
> you want.

Did I understand correctly that the credit should read "Creative....3.0/"
as quoted above and shown in the About section on the attached jpg.  Or was
I supposed to include the word "Sam"?

Change will be in the next builds at the end of the month.  A side note for
users of CGG, when you choose to change the plugin icons, your session will
be stopped and restarted BUT it does a save backup and load backup so
nothing should be lost.  GG/Phyllis
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