[CinCV TNG] minor bugs [cin 5.1-20170629 (GG)]

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 02:36:31 CEST 2017

Followup to previous 2 emails as a result of today's GoodGuy checkin to the

   - when opening a project that contains clips, some weird "Hello World"
> comments slip in.

At least 1 more case of this problem was created and has now been fixed and
checked in to the Git repository.  Still not sure if the problem here is
the same as what you encountered.

> - as you can see, i work a lot with clips. it's a very good way to prepare
>> the material. now the request is: wouldn't it be nice if it was possible to
>> copy and paste the clip (information) between instances of cin just like
>> the other stuff?
There is now more Clip/Paste capability within and between multiple
instances of cinelerra.  How to use it may be obvious, but a short
description is attached as a pdf file.  This change will be in the next
builds at the end of this month.

>> - it would be nice to have more information about the effects, as i don't
>> know lots of it (right click -> info would be my favorite). also there
>> could be information stored about keyframes on/off stuff, some simple an
>> plain howtos/mans or the like.
> Right click-> info on a plugin now brings up a 1 line short description
and I will gradually add more or better information as time prevails.
Keyframes are documented in the Cinelerra-CV manual as well as the original
manual from the original author and there are several pages.  However, we
are contemplating adding a "how to" document accessible via the Shell Cmds
icon.     GG/Phyllis
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