[CinCV TNG] Sound not working properly

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 23:01:46 CEST 2017

UPDATE:  Passing along an update for the Mailing List (I had to request a
file that might have been too big).  Original email is immediately below.

I am using Cinelerra cv GG I have video loaded on the time line and two
> accompanying sound lines. The sound works if I start the video playing
> from the very start. If I start the video from any place along the time
> line I don't get any sound, The result is to hear any edit I have to
> start at the beginning and play through to my edit from the start.  Any
> suggestions would be appreciated. I am usinf Cinelerra 5.1 in Ubuntu
> Mint 18.1  in a Dell  desktop Optiplex 780 with 8 gigs of memory a
> terrabite drive with a gaming card with one meg of memory in it. Any
> suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Doug

After testing the file, GG provided a solution to not use FFMPEG and is
looking at why it fails with ffmpeg but works fine in Raw DV format.  If
others have this problem for DV files, they can use the same solution until
or even "if" a fix can be found.  Phyllis/GG
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