[CinCV TNG] improvement of perspective plugin

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 03:28:10 CEST 2017

GG has improved the Perspective plugin with consideration of the input your
provided.  A "test" copy for your 10-bit Leap 42.2 is at:


WARNING: this has the mods he checked in a few days ago that was of
considerable rework/cleanup along with the aforementioned changes.  No new
problems have been reported and both of us use it several hours a day, but
only in test, not production mode.

When you have time, if you could at least check out the Perspective plugin
changes to make sure GG included the features you need, that would be
helpful.  Attached is the reworked perspective plugin document that will go
into Features5.  However, the important key presses that you need to know

Left mouse button – drags the corner that is closest to current location

Alt key + left mouse – translates the perspective; drags the whole image

Shift key + left mouse – zooms the perspective

Alt+Shift + left mouse – translates view but does not change output (NEW)

Note that the red color lines in the box show the composer boundary.

In order to see if it goes off the screen, you can use the zoom slider
which changes only the zoom view and does nothing else. The slider uses a
logarithmic scale ranging from 1/100 to 100.
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