[CinCV TNG] lazy insertion point movement when using keypad

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Sun Jul 16 23:28:37 CEST 2017

2017-07-16 18:46 GMT+03:00 Frederic Roenitz <roenitz at aimvis.de>:

> Another point:
> If I complement the above sentence of the manual like this:
>  "The playback position is the time between two frames, except when
>   you click with the mouse."
> This feels quite strange.
> Then I think: Why is the behavior using keys different from using the
> mouse? I would love to have it alike.
> Next thought: What is more intuitive? Answer: The mouse click.
> So why not adapt the keypad-behavior to the mouse-behavior?
This behaviour applies not only to keypad, but and to the buttons *Frame
back **Frame forward* in Compositor
My screencast about CVO
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