[CinCV TNG] lazy insertion point movement when using keypad

Frederic Roenitz roenitz at aimvis.de
Sun Jul 16 17:46:47 CEST 2017

Thanks igor_ubuntu, I read it a while ago and then forgot about it.

Having a new look at it drove me even more into this, so:

Is currently anybody working with keypad1 and keypad4 for precise

I guess the answer is: No. But, please tell me if I'm wrong!!!

I guess some might even answer: No, but I would love to. (Well, at
least that would be my answer. ;)

I think the heart of the matter is what Phyllis/GG wrote and the
manual ( https://cinelerra-cv.org/docs/cinelerra_cv_manual_en.html#SEC146 )
phrases like this:

  [..] the playback position is [..] the time between two frames.

 From a coding point of view, it works.

 From a usability point of view, ...

What are the advantages of the current behavior compared to the
'intuitively expected behavior'?

pros of the 'current behavior':

  - It's implemented and works.

  - Nobody has complained, yet?

cons of the 'current behavior':

  - It is not usable for precise working, although it seems to be
    intended for precise working. (Again: Please correct me, if I'm

  - Pain for new users.

  - Questions from new users.

pros of the 'intuitively expected behavior':

  - It's intuitive, thus needs no special explanation.

cons of the 'intuitively expected behavior':

  - needs to be coded.

Another point:

If I complement the above sentence of the manual like this:

  "The playback position is the time between two frames, except when
   you click with the mouse."

This feels quite strange.

Then I think: Why is the behavior using keys different from using the
mouse? I would love to have it alike.

Next thought: What is more intuitive? Answer: The mouse click.

So why not adapt the keypad-behavior to the mouse-behavior?

Still: What do you think?

Kind greetings


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