[CinCV TNG] [PATCH] Removed can_copy_from from file* sources

Johannes Sixt j6t at kdbg.org
Fri Jul 14 22:48:10 CEST 2017

Am 14.07.2017 um 19:01 schrieb igor_ubuntu:
> 2017-07-14 19:46 GMT+03:00 Johannes Sixt <j6t at kdbg.org 
> <mailto:j6t at kdbg.org>>:
>     Am 13.07.2017 um 20:57 schrieb Einar R√ľnkaru:
>         Hi.
>         Effectively disables broken direct copy feature
>         Decoding/encoding, colorspace conversions are not exact and
>         there are noticeable differences between directly copied and
>         decoded/encoded areas.
>     So, you are actually removing the feature that input is copied
>     direct to the rendering result. I haven't seen any loud outcries on
>     this list that the results between directly copied and re-rendered
>     frames are different.
>     I would say that this removes a useful optimization. Please do not
>     do that.
>     -- Hannes
> How can a user get directly copied  frames ? What do you mean ?

For example, when your source is DV and you render DV, then a DV frame 
can be copied without decoding and encoding it (provided that no 
changes, such as effects, are applied, of course). This saves some 
amount of processing. The proposed patch would remove the optimization, 
and the frame woulde be decoded and encoded in any case.

-- Hannes

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