[CinCV TNG] How to pass -movflags faststart to ffmpeg render

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 22:31:36 CEST 2017

Deim31:  your contribution as quoted below, with minor tweaks, was added
into the June 29th builds.  The options can get kind-of fussy; for example
in the audio, vbr=1, gave a warning message so it was left out.

The "mp4" format/container was added (highest quality and lowest file size
as possible) and the previous faststart_h264 with no options was moved to
the "qt" format so is still available.  As always, you can easily modify
any options in the associated Video Preset textbox.  If I missed something
and more mods are needed, please let us know but otherwise I will assume
that it meets your contribution.  Thanks again, Phyllis/GG

> Hi,
> it works well, but almost for me I use often mp4 container, so if I can
> contribute, I would like to have in cinelerra something like this to
> create h264 video with highest quality and lowest file size as possible.
> Please, if somebody could tune this up, he is welcome :-)
> **format:**
> mp4
> movflags=+faststart
> **audio:**
> fqt libfdk_aac
> strict -2
> vbr=1
> **video:**
> fqt libx264
> crf=28
> maxrate=20000000
> bufsize=20000000
> cin_bitrate=50000000
> cin_quality=-1
> preset=veryslow
> profile=high
> level=41
> bf=8
> refs=4
> x264-params
> cabac=1:ref=4:me=umh:subme=10:psy=1:me_range=24:chroma_me=1:
> trellis=2:lookahead_threads=2:sliced_threads=0:nr=0:decimate
> =1:interlaced=0:bluray_compat=0:bframes=8:b_pyramid=2:b_adap
> t=2:b_bias=0:direct=3:weightb=1:open_gop=0:weightp=2:keyint=
> 250:keyint_min=25:scenecut=40:rc_lookahead=60:rc=crf:mbtree=
> 1:qcomp=0.60:qpmin=0:qpmax=69:qpstep=4
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