[CinCV TNG] [PATCH v2] New function VFrame::transfer_from

Einar Rünkaru einarrunkaru at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 12:07:17 CEST 2017

On 07/10/2017 07:44 PM, Johannes Sixt wrote:
> Am 09.07.2017 um 18:38 schrieb Einar Rünkaru:
>> On 07/07/2017 11:38 PM, Einar Rünkaru wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> Copies another frame with color model and/or size change
>>> Patch attached.
>> ----
>> Changes: use BC_CModels::transfer - managed to get it work.
> Shrug. Hard to say what this is good for and whether it is desirable to 
> have.
The intended usage is to copy image from one frame to another changing 
colormodel and size. Quite a popular action currently realized with 
cmodel_transfer from quictime.
> What happens when the two frames have different sizes?

Src image is rescaled to dst.

Patch applied.


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