[CinCV TNG] bringing back 'rendering took'

Frederic Roenitz roenitz at aimvis.de
Mon Jul 10 20:56:04 CEST 2017

 > So the new mod leaves the "took message" up UNTIL there is a window
 > event such as moving the cursor out of the main track canvas window
 > assuming that that is where the cursor is.  So be sure to look at
 > the time it took before you proceed.

Thank you, I tried it and it's is much better like this. But it's
potentially very frustrating, now, too.

"before I proceed", translates to "before I move the mouse cursor":

Let's suppose, after a 6 hour render session, you come back to your
desk, want to look at the actual render time. You move the mouse as
usual and the mousecursor happens to hover over one of the
cursor_enter_event() regions (possibly about 30% of the main
window)... arrrg.

This makes the main window to kind of a minefield.

Do you have to do reset_default_message()?

Could we not just let "rendering took" stay there until something else
wants to write to the statusbar?

Thank you!


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