[CinCV TNG] usability suggestions for FFMPEG-Early-Probe-button and shell-cmds-button

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 05:11:33 CEST 2017

> The tooltip currently shows either "Try FFMpeg first" or "Try FFMpeg
> last".
> I'd wish it would be more clear,

It really helps to get ideas of how to make it clearer as I have been
confused too.  GG has checked in a change so the tooltip will read:

  Currently: Try FFMPEG first
    Click to: Try FFMPEG last

> "Menu Bar Shell Commands"-button (top right on main window;

> . I'd wish that right clicking would open the
> same window as does:
>  Settings->Preferences->Interface->Shell Commands
> ... and give a hint that you can also reach this config window through
> Settings->Preferences->Interface->Shell Commands

>From a programming viewpoint, it is not good to bypass the normal method of
getting to the Preferences area by going straight there via a right click.
An alternate method has been worked out.  The change will be: if you click
Shell Cmds, one of the available options is "Setting Shell Commands" and if
you highlight that, it will provide all of the necessary information.  The
defaults have been modified so you will have to first delete several SHBTN#
lines in .bcast5/Cinelerra_rc.bcast5 in order to see the new options.

Currently I don't see that it's configurable

Not sure what you mean.  If you click on ADD and keyin a command in the
textbox -- I like to keyin "xv" so I can do screen grabs -- then after
clicking OK or apply in the Preferences window it will show up as a Shell
Command next time you click the button.  When you choose "xv" if xv is on
your system, the xv window will come up.
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