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Sun Jul 9 20:43:16 CEST 2017


There is a new SAM version with some of your latest bug fixes in the build:


to include:

1) audio waveform disappearing after clip should be OK now
2) the “race” condition in the Compositor for clipping has been fixed
3) Shift-G background rendering should no longer freeze
4) “right click” for Info now will replace the previous Info window (media
and clips)
5) Right Click in Resources, now brings up the additional option of
“Display Icons”
6) Clips shown in the Resources window no longer wipe out some information.
Also, the default comments have been modified so that now you will see the
name of the window clip came from, the date and timestamp and length on 1
line and the EDL it came from if available.

I want to prepare a new theme for Cinelerra. With new icon sets (under the
> Creative Commons Zero CC0) and modern buttons. It should look more modern
> and clear. It will take a few weeks.
> Do you like the idea?

This is a lot of work for you AND it would be work here too.  Yes, I like
the idea, but frequently the effect is to make it more like someone else's
work and makes the program more or less a clone of another similar
product.  This dilutes the support for both programs in the long run, and
can actually be destructive.  New ideas and original work are great
improvements.  GUI work for gui's sake is not very effective in terms of
new value for the coding time applied, especially if no new functionality
or performance is created.  Re-coding can bring new value when ease of use
is improved.  Just be careful what you wish for.
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