[CinCV TNG] minor bugs [cin 5.1-20170629 (GG)]

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 22:41:13 CEST 2017

Peter, thanks for all the feedback as I know it takes time to write it
down, but it is appreciated.

You should stress out the possibility to use multiple instances of
cinelerra. It's so great and fits the linux way of using several workspaces.

We are contemplating if this is a request to create multiple cinelerra-s
which allow for moving media between them (GG thinks this is what you mean,
but it would be very complicated to do) or is it just a statement of
emphasis of current capability (Phyllis thinks this)?  Please explain.

- open a project (xml) when already one is loaded mostly always fails. i
> have to close cin or open a new instance.

We are unable to duplicate this behavior on Fedora so when you have time,
if you could provide the Operating System/Version you are using, we can try
that system instead.  We will need some sample,/small xml's that have
issues (upload to something like datafilehost).  I will keep trying to
reproduce and am wondering if the Language translation is somehow an issue.

   - when opening a project that contains clips, some weird "Hello World"
comments slip in.

GG sees the "Hello World" in the code, but neither one of us has had it
occur -- however that is after other clipping code changes made as
described below.  If you have found a definite way to make that occur, let
us know -- else we will assume the new program changes maybe fixed it.

- open the dialog to get another info while already one is open does
> nothing. you have to close it to get a new one. imo it should either
> replace the existing one or open another one.

*DONE *- This has been fixed to replace the existing one and is now in the
Git repository.

- when loading a project that contains clips, all the information but the
> very first (the timestamp) is lost. that's very annoying, cause you don't
> see the information anymore where the clip was taken from, or anything else
> you wrote.

*DONE *- GG has reworked this so it does not clobber any information.  Plus
he has changed the default comments to include window clip came from, date
and timestamp, and length on 1 line and EDL it came from.  This was checked
into the Git repository today.

> - in ressource window: switching from text view to picture view is
> impossible when there is no space left to put the mousepointer to. ...or in
> the right click menu.
> - in ressource window: same goes for the sorting option!

*DONE* - This has been fixed to include "Display icons" in the right click
menu.  It was commented out in a merge with V.6 for some odd reason.
However, the "Sort items" is already there.  As it turns out even when no
space left, you can still switch from Display text to icons by clicking
right on/near the red highlight line on the bottom of the Resources Window

> - as you can see, i work a lot with clips. it's a very good way to prepare
> the material. now the request is: wouldn't it be nice if it was possible to
> copy and paste the clip (information) between instances of cin just like
> the other stuff?

Possibly can make this happen and GG has an idea, but has not yet looked at
the code.

> - it would be nice to have more information about the effects, as i don't
> know lots of it (right click -> info would be my favorite). also there
> could be information stored about keyframes on/off stuff, some simple an
> plain howtos/mans or the like.

Good idea too.  This will take a lot of time to create Info but it sounds
like "fun for me!"

*Bugs always take top priority, so we are very interested in "how to create
the XML/Open Project when one is already loaded problem*".  Having to close
cin is not a good workaround. A session file and a small sample xml input
is needed next time it happens (even if it doesn't happen every time, it
would be a good starting point).      Phyllis/GG
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