[CinCV TNG] Silence in Cinelerra

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Thu Jul 6 16:11:25 CEST 2017

Hi Doug,

you can use the "cut and paste editing mode" cursor and mark the section 
in the time-line (the silence part), then press shift + space.
It does not matter how long this silence part is, you can make just a 
few seconds or one minute or more. In my case a blank space is 
automatically mute. Sometimes I have a big gap between two audio clips 
in the time-line. It is always muted respectively silence. I don’t need 
an empty file to fill the gap.
I am not sure how it works in Cinelerra-CV 2.3, because I only use 
Cinelerra 5.1 from Good Guy.
Maybe you can try the Cinelerra 5.1 version.
I am not sure if I have understood your problem correctly.


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