[CinCV TNG] minor bugs [cin 5.1-20170629 (GG)]

Peter dreiaugen at gmx.de
Thu Jul 6 14:33:17 CEST 2017


after an intense week of using cinelerra I am (again) getting used to it 
and I love it. You should stress out the possibility to use multiple 
instances of cinelerra. It's so great and fits the linux way of using 
several workspaces.

I got you a bug list, made with cin 5.1-20170629 (GG)

little bugs

- open a project (xml) when already one is loaded mostly always fails. i 
have to close cin or open a new instance.

- when opening a project that contains clips, some weird "Hello World" 
comments slip in. for example:
   Title in overview: "/home/pfiffi/Videos/Kino 
   Title in info view: "Tarragonik/Catalonication/edit/version2.xml"
   Comment: "Hallo Welt"

- open the dialog to get another info while already one is open does 
nothing. you have to close it to get a new one. imo it should either 
replace the existing one or open another one.

annoying bugs

- when loading a project that contains clips, all the information but 
the very first (the timestamp) is lost. that's very annoying, cause you 
don't see the information anymore where the clip was taken from, or 
anything else you wrote. maybe it's because of spaces/linebreaks?

- in ressource window: switching from text view to picture view is 
impossible when there is no space left to put the mousepointer to. this 
happens for example, when you work with more than 50 files/clips and the 
window is so full you have to scroll even in fullscreen. workaround i 
found is to delete one file from the list and then use the new space it 
formerly occupied. this option should be available with a button or in 
the right click menu.

- in ressource window: same goes for the sorting option!

feature requests

- as you can see, i work a lot with clips. it's a very good way to 
prepare the material. now the request is: wouldn't it be nice if it was 
possible to copy and paste the clip (information) between instances of 
cin just like the other stuff?

- it would be nice to have more information about the effects, as i 
don't know lots of it (right click -> info would be my favorite). also 
there could be information stored about keyframes on/off stuff, some 
simple an plain howtos/mans or the like.

best regards!

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