[CinCV TNG] Silence in Cinelerra

Douglas Pollard dougpol2 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 21:53:05 CEST 2017

  I am working on a video with a lot of sound files in Cinelerra. I have 
been adding sound files but am having trouble with fies moving  and then 
spending a lot of time moving them pack or deleting them and replacing 
them I never have this problem with video file because there are never 
any empty spaces between files. At least that is what I think.  Can I 
use silent spaces to elimination of blank area's between sound files so 
that files cannot move while editing?  I don't know if is the kind of 
question to ask here or not. I have read a little about silence in 
Cinelerra from Grandma but am not sure I am understanding her 
description properly. I am using Cinelerra CV the latest version on 
Linux Mint  16.10 . I have a lot of sounds music and voice overs in this 
Video but have been struggling with this for a week without making any 
real headway. Any help I can get with this will be greatly appreciated.  
Maybe just a suggestion for a video to watch or something to 
read.        Thanks Doug Pollard

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