[CinCV TNG] New tars and pkgs for Cinelerra-GG (CGG/branch) now on CV website

Terje J. Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Wed Feb 1 18:15:51 CET 2017

Thank you, GG and Phyllis for your painstaking work in getting 5.1 sw 
and documentation constantly better.
I can confirm I have rendered a 1080i hdv.m2t clip to BDAV, burned it on 
a standard BD-RE disc which then did playback as a 16:9 Blu-ray video in 
my Samsung Ultra Blu-ray player. Yet, possibly another report is underway ;)

Terje J. H

Den 31. jan. 2017 23:59, skrev Phyllis Smith:
> Updated tars and pkgs for CGG branch now available from CV download 
> page at:
> https://cinelerra-cv.org/download.php
> Be aware that quite a few changes went in -- some small ones
> like textbox inserts BUT they will take effect all over and were
> not checked in every single spot.  If you do have issues, please
> report and you can always go back to the old_tars/old_pkgs.
> If you don't want to read anything, just try the unicode character
> insertion in Title plugin via: ctrl-shift-U 2022 to get a bullet.
> Or Motion51 plugin with defaults on shaker1-orig.mp4 you can
> download at same place as Features5.pdf.
> Below is top of releasenotes.pdf for recent changes.  See 
> changelog.pdf for docs changes.
> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - -  - - - - - - -
> 5.1 Release Notes for changes from 01/01/2017to 01/31/2017for these builds
> 1. *Textbox now allows **for insertion of **non-standard**characters*, 
> such as accent grave or any
> unicodecharacter. This change will come in handy for the Title plugin 
> textbox so you can
> add a bullet more easily, or to change a Track name to contain an 
> umlat character (W P Titler email).
> 2. *Motion51*added which is a different method for motion 
> stabilization that might be easier to use and
> understand and may be faster to run. The usage and parameters 
> aredocumented inFeatures5.pdf.
> 3. *Smooth Lines *program code included which can be used to create 
> near-perfect circles and curves.
> 4. *A**l**pha modification graphical line added to Blue Banana *to 
> allow for changing the alpha value
> when using color model in “Set Format” that includes alpha; for 
> example, RGBA or YUVA.
> 5. *Bluray creation changes*incorporated to include (Terje reported):
> Numerous changes to bdwrite, bdcreate.C, and ffmpeg to get another 
> blurayplayerworking.
> 1440X1080,... output formats were switched from 4:3 to 16:9 as a 
> result of standards shown online.
> Default bitrate for video switched from 8 Mbps to 10 Mbps based on 
> standards and experience.
> Audio default bitrate set at 192K to match best standards and most 
> frequent usage value.
> Cin_bitrate, cin_quality parameters added for lossless.opts file to 
> affect the default values.
> Visually_lossless options file added which generates bluray media that 
> is close to what you can see.
> Presentation graphics-type subtitles can be written via bdwrite (but 
> cinelerra does not have yet).
> 6. A *change in Interlace mode* rendering needed for bluray *may 
> side-affect other rendering*.
> 7. *Bugs/Issues fixed*:
> Batch Render mismatched Path in edl due to full versus relative path 
> name fixed (Igor reported and
> sent session files leading to a fix with W P confirmation of bug).
> New Project window was being cut off so tweaked mods provided by Igor 
> to fix this in all of the
> various themes (W P reported and Igor provided fixes).
> Title plugin error when scrolling with wheel in the fonts (W P 
> reported in email).
> Dropped mod that affected Quality while rendering with libx264 due to 
> junk parameters has been
> fixed. Bitrate was still working just fine so mod got missed (Glen 
> email and Igor confirmed).
> For mp4 File Format rendering, the h265 Quality parameter does not 
> exist due to an ffmpeg
> restriction. In order to provide equivalent options without affecting 
> h264, added 4 new
> option files - h265.mp4, hi, lo, medium. Bitrate works the same as 
> h264 though.
> Options in the Video Preset “edit box” non-existence due to erasure no 
> longer cause problems.
> OpenGL affine bug fix caused by incorrect usage of pbuffer instead of 
> pbuffer_bit.
> EchoCancel plugin bug that also affected Motion51 located and fixed.
> Raw DV codec missing audio component so was added.
> Missing cursor and location issue in textbox has been fixed (reported 
> by W P in Title plugin).
> Additional focus/cursor textbox modifications made to fix problem 
> found in testing Batch Render.
> New Project missing edl caused a crash on edge case (Phyllis 
> discovered while testing).
> Moved Render and New under file pulldown to not block edge of window 
> (reported by W P).
> Some more Russian translations added in (Igor provided).
> Audio waveform getting cut off when big increases in the height of 
> track in the timeline is fixed.
> For ffmpeg, rgb8/rgb16 intermediate frame buffer were used to transmit 
> non-conforming
> colormodels. This caused problems with the colorspaces (bt601/bt709) 
> and was replaced with
> yuv16 when the src and dst frames are both yuv.
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