[CinCV TNG] MPEG-2 native lossless editing without re-encoding

Einar R√ľnkaru einarrunkaru at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 16:45:13 CET 2016

On 12/28/2016 04:13 PM, Terje J. Hanssen wrote:
> Maybe a stupid question, but can someone clarify what happends when
> typical a source mepg2 video file is loaded into Cinelerra, on the time
> line and available as a Media asset in Ressources?

Cinelerra decodes frames needed to fill timeline and compositor. Then it 
waits for user input.
> That is, does Cinelerra have (use) its own "internal format" for video
> and audio, so that already after loading, the source file has been
> decoded from the source mpeg2 ?

Yes. The intened usage of Cinelerra is to modidify audio samples and 
video pixels. One can control the internal format from Preferences/Format.

  And next to render this to the "same
> mpeg2", is re-encode and/or passthrough used?

When there are no edits, it is possible that cinelerra remuxes packets 
from original file to the result. It happens automatically without user 
> Doing this with Cinelerra-gg 5.1 and "try FFmpeg first" mode set, the
> Media info in Ressources say the file format is "FFMPEG" and list more
> in the details.

Never tried gg. My explanations are for CV. I dont know wether HV or GG 
have this feature. It is removed from CVE.


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