[CinCV TNG] MPEG-2 native lossless editing without re-encoding

Terje J. Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Tue Dec 27 14:27:51 CET 2016

1080i HDV.m2t contains video of long-GOP MPEG-2 compression, 1440x1080, 
8-bit 4:2:0and 25 Mb/s data rate that can be loaded in Cinelerra.

1) I wonder if it is possible to do simple edits (cuts, join, 
transitions) and save the result as MPEG-2 video with Cinelerra?

2) Can this be done "native" and lossless without a lossy generation 
re-encoding of everything, except locally at cuts/transition?

3. I.e. gopchop is said can do fast, lossless cuts,  FCP7+ possibly 
more. AVID is said to  do "smart GOP splicing" for frame accuracy of 
long GOP MPEG-2.
Does Cinelerra have some feature like these?

Terje J. H

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